15 MAY 2015

To the Brunswick area community and supporters of The Brunswick FoodShed,

Thank you for your thoughtful and supportive questions about the status of the FoodShed project. Your enthusiasm has fueled our work for the past six years!

We’ve spent the last year working more intensively to design, test, strengthen, and refine plans for a permanent home for the Brunswick Farmers’ Market – a vibrant community space to foster access, education, collaboration, and celebration around local food and agriculture in the heart of downtown Brunswick.

Our vision has been to revitalize the two historic freight sheds owned by the Brooks family, adjacent to their business, Brooks Feed and Farm Supply. Long-running support from Gary Brooks and his family has enabled the project to come this far.

We dedicated our winter to discussions with the Brooks family, in search of a balance between their priorities and aspirations and those of the FoodShed and farmers. We made significant progress, but have agreed for several reasons to put these discussions on hold.

This pause will allow us to reflect on all we’ve learned and apply it creatively to achieve the project’s goals. We respect the significance of the real estate to the Brooks family and appreciate all they have given to this process. We will work on project configurations that might still allow us to use the freight sheds as the core facility, and hope to one day re-open discussions about this. We’re also interested in any other option that holds comparable promise.

The outdoor farmers’ markets are open again, and we are reminded how lucky we are to live in a community so supportive of its local food and farmers. We still aspire to create a permanent home for the farmers’ market, and are confident in the benefits an energizing, in-town community space like this would bring.

We are exceedingly grateful for the encouragement and support we have received from so many of you throughout this process. Thank you for your continued support as we figure out what is next for The Brunswick FoodShed. In the meantime, we’ll look forward to seeing you at our fantastic existing farmers’ markets!

With heartfelt thanks for believing in our work,

Maina Handmaker and the Board of Directors of The Brunswick FoodShed:

Nate Drummond, Chair

Mary Herman

Pete Karonis

Tom Settlemire

Angela Twitchell

Steve Weems